Introduction to Lee Enterprises

Lee Enterprises (Nasdaq: LEE) is a major subscription and advertising platform and a leading provider of high quality, trusted local news and information, with nearly 350 digital platforms and print publications serving 73 markets in 26 states, and innovative marketing services for advertisers nationwide.

Lee is focused on accelerating its ongoing digital revenue growth and transformation with a three-pillar digital-first strategy designed to enhance value for readers, users, advertiser partners and shareholders.

The three pillars of this digital-first strategy include:

  1. Transforming the presentation of local news and information
  2. Accelerating subscription growth
  3. Diversifying our product and service offerings for advertisers

With this strategy in place, Lee is on track to continue growing its large base of recurring, subscription-based revenue, as it maintains its core commitment to providing valuable local news and information to the communities it serves.